Celiac Disease and Lack of Response to Hepatitis B Immunization

A Aneja et al. JPGN Reports February 2021 – Volume 2 – Issue 1 – p e046: Open Access: Clinical Characteristics of Children With Celiac Disease Not Responding to Hepatitis B Vaccination in India

Methods: The study population from consisted of 3 groups—50 newly diagnosed CD children (group 1), 50 previously diagnosed CD children who were on gluten free diet (GFD) >3 months (group 2), and 100 age and gender matched healthy controls (group 3).

Key findings:

  • Positive anti-HBs response was found in 46% in newly diagnosed CD children, 60% in CD children on GFD, and 83% in healthy controls (P < 0.001)
  • Ongoing gluten intake has significant impact on protective immune response to Hepatitis B vaccine
  • 44 out of 45 (97.77%) nonresponders from CD group seroconverted after a single booster dose

My take: Check Hep B immune response in patients with celiac disease.

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