Infliximab for children with Ulcerative Colitis

A large multicenter study of patients 6-17 years of age has shown that infliximab (IFX) can be effective for ulcerative colitis (UC) (Clin Gastroenterol Hepatol 2012; 10: 391-99). Our pediatric GI group was part of this multicenter study which enrolled 60 patients. Stanley Cohen was lead CCDHC investigator and is one of the authors.

At week 8, 44 patients (73.3%) had a clinical response to IFX.  This group of ‘responders’ were eligible for the maintenance phase of the study and were divided into a q8 week treatment group (Q8) and a q12 week treatment group (Q12).  During the maintenance phase, patients who had lost response were eligible to have a dose escalation from 5 mg/kg/dose to 10 mg/kg/dose. At week 54,  patients receiving every Q8 had a remission rate of 38% (8 of 21) whereas among the Q12 responder group only 18% (4 of 22) were in remission.  Overall, the authors projected that if the entire cohort had been placed on every 8 week treatment, the response would have been 28% at week 54; in addition, analysis with ‘real-world’ dose adjustments could achieve a 42.8% remission rate.

The main serious adverse events reported during the study was worsening of UC.  Two patients were receiving immunomodulators during the study. Five of 60 patients required a colectomy within the 54-week study period.

The risk/benefit ratio of TNF antagonists for UC has been discussed in related posts (see below).

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Additional references:

  • -Am J Gastroenterol (Oussalah A et al) 2010; 105: 2617-25. Multicenter study of IFX for UC.
  • -Gastroenterology 2010; 138: 2282. Severe pediatric UC. 25/33 responded to IFX. colectomy rate 19% at 1 year.

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