Canadian Pediatric Guidelines for Crohn’s Disease

DR Mack et al. Gastroenterol 2019; 157: 320-48Full Text: Canadian Association of Gastroenterology Clinical Practice Guideline for the Medical Management of Pediatric Luminal Crohn’s Disease

“When the consensus group met in October 2017, the most recent consensus guidelines for the treatment of CD in pediatric patients were those from” ESPGHAN/ECCO in 2014 with data from June 2013. Thus, the guideline attempts to provide more updated information and recommendations based on incorporating the latest studies.

The authors provide 25 consensus statements.  Here are a few of interest:

  • Recommendation 9: In patients with CD, we suggest exclusive enteral nutrition to induce clinical remission (Recommendation 6 recommends steroids as a treatment for clinical remission; adult Canadian guidelines recommended against using exclusive enteral nutrition)
  • Recommendation 11: In patients with CD in remission, we suggest that if partial enteral nutrition is used it should be combined with other medications to maintain clinical remission.
  • Recommendation 20: When starting infliximab in males, we suggest against using it in combination with a thiopurine.
  • Recommendation 24: In patients with moderate to severe CD who fail to achieve or maintain clinical remission with anti-TNF–based therapy, we suggest ustekinumab to induce and maintain clinical remission.
  • Recommendation 25: In patients with CD, we recommend against cannabis or derivatives to induce or maintain remission.

In addition, the authors provide 13 statements with no recommendations -here are two of them:

  • No consensus J: When starting infliximab in females, the consensus group does not make a recommendation (for or against) regarding combining it with a thiopurine to maintain a durable clinical remission.
  • No consensus L: In patients with CD who have achieved a clinical remission with anti-TNF therapy, the consensus group does not make a recommendation (for or against) regarding assessment for mucosal healing within the first year to determine the need to modify therapy.

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