Addressing Medical Issues Before International Travel

Briefly noted: An highly detailed but concise review of “Medical Considerations before International Travel” DO Freedman et al. NEJM 2016; 375: 247-60.

Figure 1:

  • Risk assessment: medical history, prior travel experience, specific itinerary (region, season), type of accommodations, risk tolerance, financial challenges
  • Standard Interventions: Immunizations, Malaria prophylaxis (if risk), Traveler’s diarrhea strategy
  • Focused education: vectorborne diseases, altitude illness, thrombosis risk, STDs/bloodborne infections, transportation risks (eg no car seats), respiratory infections, medical kit, medical insurance


  • Table 1: Practices for reducing disease risk (too many to summarize)
  • Table 2: Vaccine Recommendations
  • Table 3: Malaria Prophylaxis
  • Table 4: Recommendations based on location

Short Take Video Link (2 min): Travel Health and Safety

CDC: Traveler’s Health Website

Travel Resource: GeoSentinel Website

My take: This is a handy updated reference for international medical travel

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