High Calorie Infant Formula

Our office has participated in research for a 30 cal infant formula that is heading to the market in 2021. Nutricia is calling the formula Fortini. Link to website: Fortini (I have no financial ties/interest to this product or company).

I think having a commercial high calorie infant formula is advantageous and overcomes some of the limitations of concentrating infant formulas. Advantages:

  • This formula will eliminate problems with incorrect mixing and contamination. Despite careful oral and written instructions, many parents incorrectly prepare high calorie formulas
  • This formula, compared with concentrating a standard formula, is likely to have improved tolerability (less hyperosmolar) and better nutrient balance (eg. proper protein content)

The main potential disadvantage is going to be cost. I do not know the cost of the new formula but would be surprised if it is not significantly higher than concentrating a standard formula. At the same time, if the formula is able to improve tolerance and improve poor growth, there could be ‘downstream’ savings with less medical intervention/hospitalizations.

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WIC Formula Selection in Infants and Children

Over the past year, I have been working with the Georgia Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics alongside Stan Cohen, MD and Kylia Crane RDN, LD to develop an algorithm to improve formula selection for young children who use the WIC program.  This project was modeled after a similar project for infants.  Here are two of the slides and then the entire slideset is included below:

Link to slideset: AAPformulaAlgorithmsWIC

The Pediatric Nutrionist Blog

One of my colleagues, Kipp Ellsworth, at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta has started a pediatric nutrition blog: 

The Pediatric Nutritionist | Covering the world of infant, child … (www.childrensnutrition.org)

The site contains:

  • Core lectures section containing several presentations addressing the basics of pediatric nutrition
  • Feature Articles (long-form articles covering expansive clinical nutrition topics)
  • Protocol Development (articles covering institutional efforts to develop nutrition support protocols for various populations)
  • Journal Club
  • Clinical Vignettes (short-form articles or discussions on issues facing  clinical practice)

I’ve reviewed the site and I think it will be a useful resource for pediatric gastroenterology providers as well as general pediatricians.  Kipp has had a twitter feed which has provided links to a large number of nutrition articles and this site is likely to be a helpful extension.  Already on the site, there are a few powerpoint lectures; the one on formulas for infants and children provides a particularly good overview.